Mad (Men) Office Renovation


I was super excited to be asked to renovate new offices for a local consulting firm.  This would be the first office renovation for me, but without thinking twice I figured that having worked in offices for most of my life I should be able to handle this new adventure.  Well, that remains to be seen, but I am hopeful.   The business had outgrown its existing space, which was to say the least…undecorated.  There were some great furniture pieces that could definitely be used again and some that I hoped I would never again.  The owner had a midcentury Mad Men vision for the new expanded space they were moving to.  This I saw as a challenge, to keep a Mad Men vibe without being too midcentury kitchy and at the same time keeping a coastal feel since the office is only blocks to the beach.

The first thing I purchased as a Thank You, for taking me on, despite my inexperience in this field, was a bar cart.  I have always wanted to buy a bar cart.  I decorated it with lovely retro glassware, bar tools, and of course everything one might need to make a cocktail.  We cheered the upcoming project and I got to work laying out the plans.


The new space was a heavy, smelly, dark mess.  Covered in nasty cheap wallpaper, which covered moldy walls and yellowed paint.  There was dark green hued carpeting, and a reddish hardwood flooring in some offices.  This was going to be a bigger project than I initially thought.


Stay tuned to see the transformation.

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